Sight is my dominant sense. It's how I process my surrounding based on how close, how bright, and what color. As a small project to explain my story, I decided to record my perception of the dominant colors in my environment. Perception is key here, as I'm sure there is a sophisticated way to record what my eyes are focused on throughout the day. But for quick demonstrative purposes, I wanted to capture the swatches of my environment. I immediately had to put some constraints on the project as there were quite a few factors to consider. From when I encountered the color to the order I display them. I went through the day during my waking life and cycled through colors based on the order of appearance then plucked the ones that field my field of view.

My bedroom is also my work-from-home space. I spend the majority of my time here and facing south.
From left to right: electronic grey, cool mist, teal, dovetail, worn boards, and maple syrup

The kitchen is multi-purpose, where we make most of our meals and sit around to each.
From left to right: matte black, stainless steel, pine, flour, weathered, potted plants

Our family room is where we settle in after dinner and catch up on shows and hang with family and friends.
From left to right: fireplace grey, cocoa, sandstorm, eggshell, weathered, cherry

When the weather is right and bugs are hiding, we love hanging outside in our backyard.
From left to right: shadows, pale sky, aquamarine, concrete,

A couple of times a week a hit the pitch to coach my kid's soccer team.
From left to right: team jersey, evening sky, after dinner sky, paint lines, grass dying/healthy

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